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Cover Story: (42) who shines on Shine On - Pink Floyd or Christy Moore?

Cover Story: Beeswing and other great songs by different artists

Salut live froots 2 - 1

By admittedly low standards, Salut! Live's series comparing, contrasting or merely drawing attention to different versions of songs has attracted decent levels of interest. Readers have even been been moved to post comments.

It's called Cover Story and can be found here. 


When the site entered one of its "is it really worth the bother?" periods of inactivity, I wondered whether 40 was a good a number as any on which to bring the series to a close. But I think it is worthy persevering, at least until we reach the half century and possibly beyond.

One of two ideas have occurred to me and I am, as ever, happy to invite your suggestions and/or contributions (there have been a few excellent guest entries in the series).

Don't forget. It is not strictly speaking a competition.

You can like more than one version of a song but have a clear preference. You can change your mind, as I did with Beeswing. I have now decided the classic interpretation is, for me, that of its composer, Richard Thompson.

But I will continue to enjoy the way Christy Moore, Roy Bailey, Maeve Gilchrist, the Galway Street CLub, Claire Regan (see the clip below) sing or sang it ... and doubtless others.

There are whimsical choices in the list that follows and, if you are inclined to make your own suggestions, feel free to stray beyond the supposed boundaries of folk and roots.

And if you want to explore the Cover Story so far, as listed below, click anywhere on this sentence.

Different songs, same name

* Heart like a Wheel: McGarrigles, Mary Black or Linda Ronstadt

* Rave On. Buddy Holly or Steeleye Span 

* Jack Haggerty. Touchstone, Tony Furtado or Celtic May

* Blues Run the Game: Jackson C Frank, Bert Jansch or Martin Simpson                                                                                     *Streets of London: Ralph McTell, or McTell with Annie Lennox for Crisis (homeless charity)                                                          *Fairytale of New York: The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl or O'Hooley and Tidow

* The Little Drummer Boy: Joan Jett & the Backhearts or The Rural Alberta Advantage

* Beeswing: Maeve Gilchrist or Galway Street Club

* Libertango/I've Seen That Face Before: Kirsty MacColl & Sharon Shannon, Grace Jones or Astor Piazzolla

* The Croppy Boy: Anne Byrne or the Dubliners

* Broomfield Hill - Bellowhead or Dr Faustus 

*Joan of Arc: Leonard Cohen with or without Jennifer Warnes

 * Blueberry Hill: Fats Domino or Johnny Hallyday and Celine Dion 

* The Bells of Rhymney : John Denver 

* Mna H-éireann (Women of Ireland): Kate Bush or Nolwenn Leroy 

* A Proper Sort of Gardener: June Tabor or Maggie Holland 

* The Bells of Rhymney: Pete Seeger, The Byrds or Oysterband

* The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll: Bob Dylan, Christy Moore or Cage the Elephant *

* Beeswing: Richard Thompson or Christy Moore

* Sheepcrook and Black Dog: Offa Rex or Steeleye Span

 * Reconciliation: Ron Kavana, Dick Gaughan, The Cottars or The Voice Squad

* Girl From The North Country: Bob Dylan or Altan

* The Queen and the Soldier: Suzanne Vega or Kathryn Roberts and Kate Rusby

* Galway to Graceland: Richard Thompson or Eleanor Stanley 

* The Night They Drove Dixie Down: The Band or Joan Baez 

 * Dirty Old Town: Dubliners, Pogues or the Ian Campbell Folk Group

* Ride On: Christy Moore or Mary Coughlan

* Needle of Death: Bert Jansch or Neil Young 

* Save the Last Dance For Me: The Drifters or Leonard Cohen *

* Racing in the Street: Bruce Springsteen or Serena Ryder 

* It's My Party: Lesley Gore or Barbara Gaskin & Dave Stewart 

* Amsterdam: Jacques Brel or Flossie Malavialle 

* From Clare to Here: Ralph McTell, Bob Fox or Nanci Griffith 

* Long Lankin: Steeleye Span or Wainwright Sisters

* Our Town: Kate Rusby or Iris Dement

* Don't Think Twice, It's All Right: Bob Dylan or Joan Baez

* Galway Girl: Ed Sheeran or Steve Earle


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