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Salut! Live wishes all readers a happy Christmas and lots of great music

Santa Sixer - 1

Salut! Live is proud to have brought a discerning if usually quite small audience a treasure chest of excellent music over the 10 years or so of its existence. I wish it could be more active but other commitments get in the way and the refusal of to list the site dampened enthusiasm considerably during 2018 (had they done so, readership would have risen to levels that might make the effort feel worthwhile).

But I shall continue to update Salut! Live as often as I can and am delighted today to wish those regular readers I have, and any others who stray into its pages, a very happy Christmas and a wonderful new year.

Here to help me offer such greetings is my good friend Pete Sixsmith, who contributes, eloquently if very occasionally, to this site but week after week to its much grander stablemate,, Salut! Sunderland, which covers trials, tribulations and odd triumphs of Sunderland AFC.

That site draws around 1,000 visitors daily, a figure that had risen to nearly 3,000 on the day that gremlins struck. Salut! Sunderland can be seen, but anyone reaching the home page still cannot then navigate beyond.

Before its own crisis at Christmas, which I hope will be resolved soon, it relied in no small measure on Pete's magnificent writing. But he is a man of many parts and the photo you see above reflects his annual spot of professional work as a Santa entertaining the children of North-eastern England.

Salut! Live extends its greetings to Pete and wishes the football site a speedy recovery.

Joyeuese fêtes tout à tout le monde, y compris newsnow ...


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