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Armistice 100: Eric Bogle, June Tabor and the right kind of remembrance

Over at the parent Salut! site, you will find a couple of reproduced articles of mine dealing with First World War anniversaries.

All I wish to do tonight, at the start of the weekend that marks the centenary of the Armistice ending the Great War, is to remind my few readers of two of the most powerful songs to be written about that conflict.

Both were composed by Eric Bogle, a Scot who emigrated to Australia and eventually took citizenship of his country of adoption.

I have seen Eric live and consider him a superb artist. He is beyond question a great songwriter and he performs with great skill and warmth.

So the two clips I have chosen will show him as well as the singer who, in my view, produced the classic version of his wonderful song, No Man's Land. Eric sings it as well you may expect.

To be placed just behind June Tabor should not make him feel unvalued or under-valued. Not everyone has her vocal and emotional power.

As for Eric, I have chosen a live performance of another of his songs, also inspired by WWI, The Band Played Waltzing Matilda, from an appearance at the 2009 Sidmouth folk festival in Devon.

This weekend, whether we wear red poppies or white, or both, these tremendous songs should be up there in our thoughts.

RIP the fallen many. And bravo Eric Bogle.


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