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Off to Cuba. Back soon ...

Author: Colin Randall


If you have not dipped into the Cover Story series, it's time you did.

Have your say on same songs, different versions just as the series attempts to do. Suggest your own contenders - write about them for Salut! Live if you wish.

But for the next week or so, do not expect anything further from me. I am off to Havana.

Even before departure, the visit has produced a spot of fun: take a look at this news item which describes, briefly, my attempts to obtain dollars from Marks and Spencer.

I'd long believed, including from previous visits, that this was the currency to take to Cuba. Now, I realise it is not the case*. But does that justify M&S in seeking to enforce, from the UK and on UK citizens, US sanctions on Cuba when no such sanctions are applied by the UK government?

Answers on a postcard .... and see you all soon.

* I have euros now (dollars apparently attract a punitive commission when changed into CUCs). They should work


Bill Taylor

Apparently Canadian dollars carry a far lower commission than American. Cuba's a big destination for Canadians. Less than 24 hours from now, we should know. (And we have some euros, too).

Colin Randall

See you soon. Bill and Lesley. Hugely looking forward to it

Colin Randall

Back in one piece. Salut! Live will burst back into life soon ...

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