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Leon Rosselson: me, Brassens and the Last Chance, touching on Brel, Sylvestre and (always last) Ferré

My elder daughter and a friend stayed with us at the weekend in France. Noticing the print (above) that adorns the living room wall, the famous one showing Jacques Brel, Leo Ferré (for once not last) and Georges Brassens, she... Read more →

Cover Story: (21) The Bells of Rymney. Pete Seeger, the Byrds or Oysterband

For the latest edition of Cover Story, I invited Dave Chamberlain, who presents a folk show Acoustic Routes on Dapper FM in South Wales, to suggest a candidate. His instant response was to ask whether the series had already looked... Read more →

Cover Story: (20) The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll. Bob Dylan, Christy Moore or Cage the Elephant

Another welcome contribution from Bill Taylor gets Cover Story up to 20. Bill and I go back an awful long way; we were school misfits who somehow managed to get footholds in journalism and ended up being entrusted with the... Read more →

Salut! Live is on holiday. But catch up on a massive folk and folk-rock archive

Fascinating stuff, thanks v much, I wouldn't want to choose😉😳— Olivia Chaney (@OliviaChaney) August 31, 2017 "What I love about working with you," The Daily Telegraph arts desk sub-editor said when I wrote about folk music for her section of... Read more →