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August 2017

Cover Story: (18) Sheepcrook and Black Dog. Steeleye Span or Offa Rex

Credit: Never let it be said that Salut! Live is stuck in the past. Why, I'm even aware of the fuss Jethro Tull are causing. But yes, it is important to look at artists much younger than those we... Read more →

Cover Story: (17) Reconciliation. Ron Kavana, Dick Gaughan, the Cottars or Voice Squad

Long, long ago, I drank cup after cup of tea in the home of a charming woman, influential in a highly sensitive area of what she called the north of Ireland and the maps identify as Northern Ireland. We discussed... Read more →

Cover Story: (16) Girl From The North Country. Altan or Bob Dylan - a close-run thing

Forget the striking melodic similarities with Boots of Spanish Leather, Bob Dylan's Girl From The North Country is a great song. But the same debate arises: is Dylan/s version better than an Irish interpretation? The song has a tangled history.... Read more →

Dipping into the Past: John Mayall, Eric Clapton and Rambling on My Mind

Jan 2021 update: the reason I am promoting archived material is that when it first appeared, Salut! Live had a pitifully small readership. It's not huge now but is a good deal larger and I believe there is content that... Read more →

Dipping into the past: Cara Dillon, Spencer the Rover and the Rotherham factor

February 2021 update: in my quest to bring past delights to the attention of Salut! Live's expanding audience, even truer now than when this item appeared in 2017, I invite you to listen to Cara Dillon's version of a song... Read more →