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The Chieftains: when you can call on friends like Van Morrison

May 2021 update: I am giving this another airing because it is a lovely piece of writing about a wonderful band of traditional Irish musicians with a remarkable knack of forging memorable associations across all genres ... if still performing... Read more →

Cover Story: (13) The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down. Baez or The Band

JANUARY 2019 UPDATE: welcome to the many people straying here from the United States to read this item. Hope you find it interesting and feel encouraged to explore the site's archive. I cannot be sure what is driving this sudden... Read more →

Cover Story: (12) Dirty Old Town. Pogues, Dubliners or Ian Campbell Folk Group for Ewan MacColl's song?

It is hard to believe (as I update this introduction in 2021) that more than 70 years have passed since Ewan MacColl wrote his second best known song, Dirty Old Town. MacColl composed compellingly on many subjects, from the challenges... Read more →

Cover Story: (11) Christy Moore or Mary Coughlan. Ride On and horses for courses

First, a spot of housekeeping for the Cover Story series. As sharp observers will already have noticed, "or" replaces "vs" in the headline. I shall get round to changing the previous 10 posts in the series since the purpose of... Read more →