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June 2017

Dipping into the past: (1) Jez Lowe and Orwell's friend Jack Common

June 2017 Update: this item on Jez Lowe appeared six years ago, and referred to a review from four years before that, but my admiration for the singer and his wonderful observations on life and events remains undiminished. Check out... Read more →

Now we're five: Cover Story so far - Dylan, Baez, McTell, Steeleye, Nanci Griffith, Kate Rusby

Buy this early Dylan masterpiece at Cover Story is one of the most interesting series Salut! Live has run. Yes, I would say that, wouldn't I? It has plenty of steam left in it - Joan Dawson, who suggested... Read more →

Cover Story: (1) Ed Sheeran's Galway Girl, or Steve Earle (with Sharon Shannon). Not forgetting Mundy

UPDATE Jan 2021: see all items in this series at Cover Story. I wondered at the outset how it would develop and soon we'll reach the 60th instalment. Why? Because the interest from regular readers and causal visitors to the... Read more →