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Cover Story: (3) Our Town - Iris DeMent or Kate Rusby

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Confession time. I once wrote that Iris DeMent had "unusual, wailing vocals" that initially brought to mind an animal in distress.

But even that sarky putdown, way back in 1993, was in the context of a positive review. I had found, against my own expectation, much to admire in her album Infamous Angel. DeMent, I concluded, suggested "a likeably unpretentious woman who can write with affection about real people and places, and think up real tunes".

One such song and tune was Our Town and that is the subject of this instalment of the new Salut! Live series, Cover Story.

Put simply, do we prefer DeMent's superb original or the cover, also superb, by Kate Rusby?


I could and should research more deeply but have never been sure whether DeMent's simple tribute to her home town was inspired by Paragould, Arkansas, where she was born, or Cypress, California, where she grew up. Rusby, on the other hand, can only be singing - surely - about her beloved Barnsley. She makes it sounds as if she wrote it.

If I am honest, I am torn. DeMent's rendition of her own song tugs at the heart strings. There is nothing to fault. Rusby would tear at the heart strings if she put the South Yorkshire yellow pages to music. The YouTube audience heavily favours DeMent - two million visits against 200,000 (to the main clip on YouTube; it cannot be embedded so I had to choose another).

So I shall sit on the fence. Two fabulous versions of the same wonderful song. Feel free to say what you feel ...

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Joan Dawson

Both are lovely. If I had to vote it'd be Kate's for me - I prefer the slower tempo, the English, more traditional sound to the Americana sound but it's purely personal taste.

Pete Sixsmith

Iris DeMent for me - but both are canny versions.....

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