Who Knows Where The Time Went?
Cover Story: (2) Don't Think Twice It's All Right. Dylan or Baez

Cover Story: (1) Ed Sheeran's Galway Girl or Steve Earle (with Sharon Shannon)

UPDATE: see all items in this series at Cover Story

Another Salut! Live series. I have no idea how it will develop (Jan 2018 uodate: 35 items so far) but let's get it started anyway ...

Driving in France, I heard a song on RTL2 that was called Galway Girl before I knew that it was sung by Ed Sheeran. My first reaction was indeed reactionary, along the lines of "I know a much better song called Galway Girl than that!".

I was, of course, thinking of Steve Earle, whose effort is best heard when accompanied by Sharon Shannon and assorted musical pals.

Since that first hearing, I have grown to like Sheeran's song. Back briefly in London, I heard my eight-year-old granddaughter Maya and her French friend from school, Mila, sing along to it in the car.

And I have also read that Sheeran was inspired by Steve Earle's song.

So all very cosy. No plagiarism since the songs are really quite different even if they bear the same title. And we must not forget the much older song called Galway Bay, the Dr Arthur Colahan one popularised by Bing Crosby (... if you ever go across the sea to Ireland...). And at least one other ...

Which, of the two Galway Girls I highlight, do you prefer, and why?

It's a question I will be asking a lot as the series develops, at whatever rate time allows and whatever form ensuing comparisons take (most will necessarily be simply different versions of precisely the same song).

Suggestions welcome!


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