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Introducing Salut! Live Readymades: wonders from the archive


Must be New Guitar effect. My wife Joelle bought me a Yamaha for our anniversary (45th for heaven's sake) and I am newly enthused about music. My friend Joan Dawson warned me to expect sore fingertips for a few weeks before they hardened again and she was right.

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Leonard Cohen RIP: the song with Jennifer Warnes that will always be with me

Not an obituary - just a short, quick tribute ...

Very sad to hear of the death, albeit at 82, of Leonard Cohen.

Many of his songs made an impact on me, though I have never been a great fan of Hallelujah, less because of the song than because of what it has been turned into. Give me One of Us Must Know, Suzanne, So Long Marianne and Famous Blue Raincoat among many others.

But above all, I think this morning of Maid of Orleans and his super, haunting duet with Jennifer Warnes.

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The Battle of Orgreave: police partout, justice nulle part

Download Battle of Orgreave

Stop Press: please see an update in the footnote*

An e-mail with word of a new song
arrived today from Ed Pickford, an outstanding North-eastern writer (Pound A Week Rise, One Miner’s Life, Ah Cud Hew and the especially powerful Farewell Johnny Miner are merely examples of his early work).

Ed has weighed in on The Battle of Orgreave and the Government's shameful decision to rule out any sort of inquiry into the events of June 18 in the year, aptly, 1984, when police fought miners during the pit strike during a mass picket in South Yorkshire.

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Dipping into the Past: Christy Moore ... Smoke and Strong Whiskey


August 2017 update:   no apologies for reposting this. Good banter, great singer and song ......


Updated November 7 2016 because the YouTube clip had lapsed and there's a new link from Salut! Sunderland

It was only a matter of time before Salut! Live's Song of the Day series reached Christy Moore. Today's the day ...

Salut! Live readers with long memories, and readers of The Daily Telegraph with even longer ones, will know of my "sleeping with Christy Moore" confessions. My story was topped the other day when the American harper Bonnie Shaljean, who lives in Ireland, added this comment to a threat at Mudcat after talking to the Irish singer Packie Byrne about the rotten news that Mike Waterson had died:

Packie ... reminisced about some of his early memories of the Watersons, whom he first met in the mid or late 60s. During one festival they were all being put up in the same house. Not only the same house, but the same BED, as it turned out. For years afterwards Packie boasted about how he had "slept with the Watersons" and there were those who added up two and two and got five.

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