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Song of the Day Revisited: Nic Jones ... Little Pot Stove

Let this episode in the life of Song of the Day Revisited speak for itself in the words used in the original Song of the Day series back in 2011 ...

The story of Nic Jones is familiar to many who enjoy folk music.

Nic possessed one of the most distinctive male voices of the English folk revival: confident, warm and expressive. His guitar playing was innovative and provided both exemplary accompaniment and inspired instrumentals.

Sadly, in 1982, his career came to an abrupt end, very nearly along with his life, when a lorry pulled out of a brickworks in Cambridgeshire as he drove home after a folk club performance in Glossop. Nic went smack into it, suffering brain damage as well as broken bones.

Nic's gradual recovery did eventually enable him to take up guitar again and sing at the 2010 Sidmouth Folk Festival during at an event devoted to his work. I do not know how this short performance went; a comment from anyone who was there would be most welcome.

Any of a large number of the songs associated with Nic could have been chosen to illustrate this posting. I have gone for Little Pot Stove because it demonstrates the intense qualities of his voice so well, and also because it has a dreamy chorus.

* Nicjones
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It is a great song beautifully sung. I think Nic Jones discovered it in the Antipodes and brought it back to England.
The original was by Harry Robertson, a Scot who worked in South Georgia and went to live in Australia.
Here's the interesting story behind the song, original lyrics and his version;

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