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December 2014

Song of the Day Revisited: Touchstone ... Jack Haggerty

One of the great spin-offs from the Bothy Band was Touchstone, a sparkling Irish-American fusion that included the distinctive voices of Triona Ni Dhomnaill, in her first post-Bothy venture, and Claudia Langille, a fine tenor banjo player from Vermont. I... Read more →

Song of the Day Revisited: Buffy Sainte-Marie ...My Country 'Tis Of Thy People You're Dying

I shall let this choice from 2011 stand by itself and speak for itself in the new Song of the Day Revisited series ... Red Indians, as they were called in insulting innocence, formed a part of every childhood of... Read more →

Song of the Day Revisited: Joan Osborne ... On Raglan Road

I was very pleased with this entry in the original procession of Song of the Day choices and am delighted to repeat it for the Revisited series. No reason to change a single word (except for one typo I noticed)... Read more →

Song of the Day Revisited: Jez Lowe and the Bad Pennies ... Taking on Men

Jez Lowe is the latest up in this series of Song of the Day Revisited, retracing and in some cases remaking steps from the original exercise in 2011. This, more or less, is how I introduced him then: Jez Lowe... Read more →

Song of the Day Revisited: Martin Simpson ... Never Any Good

Martin Simpson is a guitarist's guitarist. He also writes outstanding songs and delivers them in a way that is entirely his own but can send shivers down any discerning person's spine. This is the choice I made, and the words... Read more →