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Treasures rediscovered: (2) The Poozies

Treasures rediscovered: (1) Maire Ni Chathasaigh and Chris Newman

In the nick of time, and I mean UK time not the time where I am (France), I can combine birthday greetings to Maire Ni Chathasaigh and the launch of an occasional new Salut! Live series.

There would have been no need for this late sprint had Typepad, the host for the site, not been struggling all day to recover from cyber attacks.

But here is it, the first of what I intend to be several items devoted to pieces of music I suddenly remember and consider worth bringing to the attention of Salut! Live's small but learned readership. It will not be exactly like the exhausting Song of the Day series, since the updates will be a lot less frequent. But the format is familiar: I recall something I'd like to share and then hunt it down on YouTube or elsewhere.

Let me first of all, then, re-introduce the splendid duo of Chris Newman, exemplary English guitarist, and Maire, superb Irish harpist (or harper, as they often prefer to be known). She sings beautifully, too.

The item you hear is Ginny's Waltz, followed by a hornpipe, and it is not the one I would have chosen given an entirely free hand. I have come across a few versions of Lady Dillon on YouTube but not the one played by Chris and Maire, which I regard among the most pleasing pieces of music I have ever encountered.

Maybe one day I shall be able to present it here. In the meantime, this clip from the 2008 Shrewsbury Folk Festival stands as a monument to the treasures of Chris and Maire's music, rediscovered when I start sorting through hundreds of old CDs. It is also my way of saying sorry for not getting round to reviewing Christmas Lights, the couple's collection of exquisitely played festive music (yes, I know the usual misgivings, but this one really worked) at the appropriate time. It's a delightful album in case you wished to start your 2014 Christmas shopping early at

** Next: The Poozies


Colin Randall

Welcome back, readers. The site has been inaccessible for several days due to the cyber attack on Typepad. Now, I can see the site but not get behind the scenes to edit - eg correcting the spelling the headline! Please bear with me



Colin Randall

All seems back to normal now.

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