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Treasures rediscovered: (2) The Poozies

Second in the series ... hope you enjoy it

The Poozies are an all-female band dating from 1990, when the Scottish duo Sileas - Pasty Seddon and Mary Macmaster - joined up with an English singer-songwriter, Sally Barker, and accordionist, Karen Tweed.

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Treasures rediscovered: (1) Maire Ni Chathasaigh and Chris Newman

In the nick of time, and I mean UK time not the time where I am (France), I can combine birthday greetings to Maire Ni Chathasaigh and the launch of an occasional new Salut! Live series.

There would have been no need for this late sprint had Typepad, the host for the site, not been struggling all day to recover from cyber attacks.

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Cats on Trees, Sirens and une exception française

Every now and then,
I allow myself to stray from the tightly drawn waters of folk and folk offshoots and draw attention to something else that deserves a listen.

Since returning to France after London hibernation, I have found myself stopping to appreciate one song that keeps cropping up on the radio. Lots of changes in tempo, adorable female voice, great tune ... in short, a bloody good pop record.

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