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January 2013

Realta, Lau, Bellowhead ... over and out, but just for now


This neglected site - neglected because of the need to do paid work but also, to an extent, beacuse the tiny number of visitors, even when it is highly active, is frankly demoralising - faces a further short period of silence as I head off, snow permitting, on holiday to Sri Lanka.

On my return, I resolve to post overdue reviews of albums by Lau, Realta, Bellowhead (all excellent by the way) and others.


Apologies to the named artists, and the "others", who have sent albums and sat patiently waiting for the career break that is a mention at Salut! Live.

If this is of any consolation, there will also be a dearth of activity at Salut! and less than normal at Salut! Sunderland, where the usual coverage of matches should still be found if things go to plan. In each cases, there is a rich archive to explore.