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Tributes to Barry Skinner: a man of music and mountains, canals and craft

Barry skinner

Barry Skinner, who has died from cancer aged 71, was a popular singer and songwriter who made a strong impression on folk club audiences around the UK, also appearing in continental Europe and the United States, between the late 1960s and late 1970s.

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Barry Skinner RIP

Canada holiday 2010 302

With deep sadness, I must record the death of Barry Skinner. It is hard to believe that more than 40 years have been passed since I first encountered him on one of his many visits to perform in the folk clubs, including those I ran or helped to run, of the North East. Even at this distance, however, I recall his warm and intelligent presence as well as the professionalism and sheer entertainment value he brought to the amateurish setting of folk. You may read more about Barry's life and times by making the short journey to this link - - but let me start the process of paying homage with these moving reminiscences from Bill Taylor ...

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Kate Rusby: class, maturity and mumsy natter

Kate and declanKate with Declan O'Rourke

No sooner was my back turned than Kate Rusby, who once seemed destined to remain a teenager forever, reinvented herself as a mother-of-two with mumsy babble about little Daisy and Phoebe and the doting grandparents over from Coleraine.

And the growing up phase has spread to the music, too.

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