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Song of the Day: Danu ... An Seanduine

Song of the Day: The Cottars ... Reconciliation

Still time for a few gems cut from the vast resource that is YouTube.

In an ideal world, Ron Kavana's own version of his song Reconciliation, which like many in recent years used a love theme to depict conflict and the search for peace in Ireland, would grace this page.

His strong but mournful delivery played no small part in making me like the song in the first place, and I would have been delighted to present it here.

Sadly, I could find only cover versions.

The Cottars are a fine band from Cape Breton, with first-class singing and assured accompaniment. If the voices sometimes appear a little too elegant for folk, that is hardly the worst thing you can say about performing artists.

And their version will remain here even if someone comes up with a clip of Kavana singing it himself, which would be added to the posting.

* Reconciliation appears on the Cottars' album, On Fire!, which can be bought along with almost all Song of the Day choices, and a good deal mroe besides, at the Salut! Live Amazon Link. One of the other CDs you should buy while there is Kavana's own Think Like A Hero, on which the song also appears.


Gervase Webb

Coope, Boyes & Simpson also do stunning unaccompanied version of this; can't find it online, but it's on their Christmas Truce/Kerstbestand CD and well worth digging out.

cape breton cottage rentals

I particularly enjoyed Alys Howe's punchy, rhythmic performance at the opening gala (she appeared again later in the week, with Seumas Gagné as the Cape Breton Harp Duo),

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