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Loudon Wainwright III: beats Dylan any time

Loudona The "I Love Folk Music" group at Facebook had 2,098 members last time I looked and that is a figure that exceeds Salut! Live's readership by a country mile. they've been running a "favourite artists/writers etc" thread of late, and I am not sure that Loudon Wainwright III has figured yet. Let Pete Sixsmith set things right ...

It’s a Monday night at The Sage, Gateshead; first day back at work for the 50 somethings who are thronging in the foyer, waiting for an evening with the man once described as “the next Bob Dylan”.

While Dylan can sell out the Arena on the dark side of the river and various halls in The People's Republic of China, Loudon is satisfied with a 50 per cent capacity at Norman Foster’s Great Green Condom. I’ve seen Dylan at the Arena and Loudon at The Sage and I know which one I prefer.

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