Bob Fox: winning ways
Bravo Bellowhead: fRoots album of 2010

Those Unthank, Rusby, Vin, Cara, Martin Simpson interviews you missed


And more. Simon Nicol, Ed Pickford, Marie Little - the site has covered a fair amount of ground, if slowly ...

Salut! Live is not the least active of the modest little empire of Salut! sites - poor old Salut North earns that description - but nor is it the most active.

That is a situation I wish to change. Very well, that is not the first statement of its kind to be made here. Professional circumstances - moving back to Europe from the Middle East, darting between France and the UK, striving to rebuild a freelance career after the loss of a contract - have got in the way.

In 2011, I will see whether I can act on a new year's resolution to post much more regularly.

I am helped in that resolve by the taste Pete Sixsmith, my star writer at Salut! Sunderland, has developed for contributing reviews of the shows he sees in the North East. These have been a breath of fresh air.

My own review of the new Kate Rusby album will appear here very shortly. I will look at other CDs that have come my way: Jez Lowe, Mabon, Moussu T and others.

But may I also direct new or casual readers to the substantial archive of material at Salut! Live?

The following question-and-answer or written format interviews with some of the people I admire, would be good places to start. Some are in two or more parts, but links should be easy enough to find. Just click on the name to read the article ...

* Cara Dillon

* Rachel Unthank

* Martin Simpson

* Simon Nicol

* Vin Garbutt

* Kate Rusby

There are others, as mentioned in my introduction, and I will add the links in due course. If you really cannot wait, navigate the site by the usual methods - including the search facility - and you will get there.


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