Poor show. Will do better
Oysterband's John Jones on walking to work

Even poorer show - but the record is about to change

Yes, I know what I promised. The excuses are jostling for position: my possessions at sea between the Middle East and Marseille, a frantic start to my resumed freelance career, flood damge at my home in France ...

The list could go on.

But here is the firmest commitment I can make: Salut! Live will be properly live again within the next few days. Unless I'm a Dutchman or a Mag.



Seems you're a Mag! I don't come here very often myself, but I read a good review of the Unthanks album in Uncut magazine and I popped by to see your comments on it as I know you are a big fan of Rachel.

Interestingly, the same magazine had an article on Dr Feelgood - a band I seem to recall you have an affection for. I guess there aren't too many people who enjoy music by such diverse artists.

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