Irish music at its best? (4)
Maddy Prior: in delightfully rude voice

Baby blogging blues


The picture has nothing to do with music. It just helps to explain why new postings have been absent from Salut! Live since the healthy burst of interest generated by the Eliza Carthy competiton and YouTube indulgences.

Reviews of Chris Foster's CD, and Maddy Prior's, and an even more belated look at Sharon Shannon's most recent compilation, plus whatever else has been building up in the intray, will appear in due course.Maddy

But I have been back in the UK, becoming a grandfather, watching football, seeing friends and so on. Which rather gets in the way of the upkeep of every corner of Salut!'s website world.

If you have strayed here expecting any of the above, or at least something new, please bear with me. Updates will occur within the next 10 days. If you are here for the first time, all I can say is that there really is a great deal of material to be catching up on.

Use the links in the sidebars. Navigate the site by using the search function or delving into the archives. If you like or dislike anything you find, or have suggestions that might make the site better, you can even leave a comment. That, however, might be one step too far for Salut! Live to hope for!

And if you like the picture, and want to see more of Maya, please feel free to travel to my main site Salut! , which has remained highly active during the withdrawal of labour at Salut! Live.


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