Condolences to Sharon Shannon
Irish music at its best? (2)

Irish music at its best? (1)

Even a long overdue break can be interrupted if the right reason comes along.

Nicholas Wall provided the reason, writing with news of his list of the best 50 Irish records of all time (he more coyly calls it "50 of the finest" but let's not ruin a jolly exercise with pedantry).

A link to Nick's list appears towards the end of this posting, and I will also add a permanent link to his site, Music to Die For, to my Salut! Live signposts.

It would not be right to give away his choice here. There is plenty I would agree with, a few I wouldn't and one or two items I am not aware of ever having heard. Nick is clearly an open-minded individual and strayed far beyond Irish folk and trad territory in compiling his favourites.

In honour of his broader tastes, and in a rare example of my own bursting free from a self-imposed musical ghetto, I include a YouTube clip of one performance I might have found room for in a similar list of my own, even though the song in question was written by Prince (and if I am to adopt Nick's rule of only one song per artist, there is another Sinead O'Connor song I would probably have plumped for).

In my own series of playlists, I will inevitably get round to a choice of 10 Irish songs or tunes to take with me to my desert island. They will not include the recording Nick selected as his top Irish song of all time, though I fully understand why it is there. You will have to visit the site and see the list AT THIS LINK to see whether you take his side or mine.

In view of Nick's initiative, I will make my top 10 Irish album tracks the next posting to appear at Salut! Live _ unless Karine Polwart beats me to it.


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