The beauty of English
Cora Smyth's efficacious prescription

Sounds of silence

Running websites keeps me sane and occasionally makes me happy.

Some readers will know that I am involved in the launch of a newspaper in Abu Dhabi.

This has been - is - a time-consuming and, at my advanced age, exhausting project and I have very little time to do much else; as far as my websites are concerned, priority has gone to writing about personally and professionally uplifting events here in the Gulf at Salut! (and, necessarily, recording downbeat moments for fellow Sunderland fans at Salut! Sunderland).

Some sort of service will resume here soon, with a review of an immensely enjoyable album by the Irish fiddler Cora Smyth, caught in the YouTube clip with her sister Breda, and - inshallah - an interview with the excellent Scottish singer-song writer Karine Polwart.

Please bear with me. If you are new to Salut! Live, there is a great deal to explore on the site and I believe the archives are reasonably easy to navigate; try starting with the interviews listed on the right of the home page. or use the search function.

Rachel Unthank, Martin Simpson, Kate Rusby, Flossie Malavialle, Marie Little, Vin Garbutt, Simon Nicol. That should keep you busy for a while.



Totally unrelated to this post, but I thought I'd mention I saw Pentangle on a Jools Holland TV show last night. Still got some talent!

Pete Sixsmith

Just been listening to Jackie Oates. Very impressed - she has John Kirkpatrick, Martin Carthy, Roy Bailey and Tim van Eyken working with her so she is clearly doing something right.

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