Marie Little rediscovered
Castaway folk (1): intro

Marie's really Little interview

In her interview with Salut! Live, Marie Little advised young folk performers that talent is not enough, described how she had juggled motherhood, career and other activities and admitted that a glance at old photos showed she "probably wasn't a bad looking bird". But we couldn't let her go without peppering her with our now traditional one liners. She threw herself heartily into the spirit of the exercise, revealing along the way that she was good as gold at school, once begged a club organiser not to pay her and can think of no finer luxury than a never-ending supply of guitar strings.......

* My strongest memory of the place I grew up is...Two up, two down in Salford

* My best/worst subjects at school were...Best maths and worst PE

* Good pupil/bad pupil?...Good

* My most memorably good moment in music was...Seeing Tony Downs playing guitar in the corner of the youth club and getting him to show me how to tune mine and teach me my first chords and professionaly too many to mention!

* And my most memorably bad was...a gig in Norwich in 1969 ish. I was total rubbish, my guitar would not stay in tune ( I sang badly because of it) but Alex Atterson still insisted on paying me when I refused the money. Apparently everyone had enjoyed it. It was the gob rather than the music that got me through!

* I wish I had know when young that.....I knew what I knew when I needed to know, I have no regrets

* I am happiest when.... I am doing a good gig

* The singer/musician I most respect is...there are many, but Brian McNeill, Vin Garbutt, Harvey Andrews and the late John Wright (very sad) to name a few but for fab entertainment you can't whack The Doonans or New Rope String band

* My Desert Island luxury would be...a guitar and lots of new strings

* The North East is my adopted home because...I love the people, (really friendly and helpful) I love the countryside, I love being close to the coast, it's rich history, I just love it!

* Picture courtesy of Roger Liptrop of Folk Images


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