The albums Salut! Live overlooked (3)
Hands together please

A promise kept

Promises made and all that. I said I would have no hesitation in amending my Best Albums of 2007 list if late arrivals inspired a change of heart and as you will have guessed from the most recent postings, that change has occurred.

Salut! Live feels dutybound to find room in its wholly unofficial, unashamedly subjective year-end chart.

There was one problem: what to exclude from the original list to make room for two of the latecomers. And there was also a solution, a clumsy one and a cop-out but a solution nonetheless. My top 10 remains my top 10, but there are now three joint No 10s. This is slightly unfair on the add-ons, both of which in an ideal world would have occupied higher places. I simply did not want to drop any of the starting line-up.

Plenty of you will still disagree with me. That is what such lists are for, to stimulate dicussion or at least thought. I will look back over the comments posted in recent weeks to decide whether I owe anyone a competition prize but in the meantime wish a very merry Christmas to you all.

*** 1 *** Martin Simpson Prodigal Son (Topic)

* 2 James Keelaghan A Few Simple Verses (Fellside)

* 3 Rachel Unthank and The Winterset The Bairns (EMI/Rabble Rouser)

* 4 Jez Lowe Jack Common's Anthem (Tantobie Records)

* 5 Linda ThompsonVersatile Heart (Universal)

* 6 Lau Lightweights and Gentlemen (Reveal)

* 7 Simon Mayor and the Mandolinquents Dance of the Comedians (Acoustics)

* 8 Maggie Holland Bones (Weekend Beatnik)

* 9 June Tabor: Apples (Topic)

* 10 Talitha MacKenzie Indian Summer** (Sonas Multimedia)

10 Duncan McFarlane Band All Rogues and Villains (Dunxmusic)

10 Ruth Notman Threads (Mrs Casey Records)

* The original list, with reasons for my selections and additional categories, can be found at this posting.


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