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Salut!: Live tonight in Barnsley and beyond

AwkwardIn case there is anyone out there who travels, electronically, from this site to Kate Rusby's - and I am well aware of the traffic in the other direction, for which I am mightily grateful - I have a spot of breaking news.

An e-mail from her sister Emma alerts me to the fact that my new biography cum introduction to the Awkward Annie album has now been published at Kate's site.

There is also a jolly bonus track called Potted Kate, with mostly one-line responses to my questions, all intended to shed a little more light on the exceptional artist and lady that Kate is.

Salut! Live's own regulars will know that my research for those items provided the material for the interview already posted here in serial form a few weeks ago.

I sincerely hope that fellow admirers of Kate find something to amuse, entertain or inform them in the new online articles.

Every time I am tempted to refer to Kate as Barnsley's finest, I am reminded of the man who seized upon an earlier statement along the same lines and rattled off a postcard exclaiming that only Dave Burland could ever qualify for such an accolade. Kate would probably go along with that in any case.

But it's worth pointing out that her admirers now include a reader from Salut! Live's parent site who meandered this way out of curiosity.

At the time, he had never heard of Kate. Having read about her here, he first ordered her album and now informs me he's fallen in love with her. Name withheld to protect the guilty.


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