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When you review music for any length of time, it is easy to accumulate an astonishing library of albums, singles, EPs, videos, DVDs, books and the rest.

It is also, in my case at least, the simplest thing to overlook music you would actually enjoy very much, or to forget records once they have been reviewed and the need - as opposed to desire - to listen to them passes.

I recently started a thread at the Mudcat folk site on music you've forgotten you had.

It hasn't attracted many responses, partly because it was inspired by a much better and more visited thread asking people what they listened to last night. "Last night" could, in practice, be any last night, of course.

But read on if the subject - my subject - interests you and see if some of the records I list strike a chord. I came across them while messing around in the garage, allegedly preparing for a big move. They were among the hundreds and hundreds of CDs stored there. I have several more boxes filled with CDs back at home in the UK.

Modern creature that I am, I have begun to transfer the music to my iPod. But I should admit that some of the things I am unearthing are so recent that I have no excuse for having overlooked them in the first place.

The story so far:

Alain Stivell: Brian Boru
Ewan Maccoll, Charles Parker, Peggy Seeger: The Big Hewer (Radio Ballad)
Stefan Grossman: Shining Shadows
Nancy Kerr and James Fagan: Steely Water
Sweeney's Men: Legend of...
Various: Now and in time to Be (Musical celebration of the works of WB Yeats)
Planxty: After the Break
Patrick Street: Compendium - best of...
Anne Briggs: A Collection

That is enough to be going on with. But I have just stumbled on Rachel Unthank and the Winterset's Cruel Sister and cannot wait to hear that again.


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