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September 2007

Treasure chest

Patrick Street: Picture: Folk Images When you review music for any length of time, it is easy to accumulate an astonishing library of albums, singles, EPs, videos, DVDs, books and the rest. It is also, in my case at least,... Read more →

The year so far (3)

If you are familiar with Salut! Live, you will know that I occasionally bring readers up to date on albums I have reviewed for the Daily Telegraph. This is the third such posting on releases in 2007 so far. One... Read more →

Conversations with Kate Rusby (3)

On home ground: Cawthorne Aug 2007 Picture: Nick Barber In her own words, Kate Rusby is a nattery sort of lass. The previous two postings at Salut! Live perhaps prove she has got herself bang to rights with that phrase.... Read more →

Conversations with Kate Rusby (2)

Kate's new CD: sleeve design by Adam Savage In the second part of Salut! Live's interview with Kate Rusby, we hear about collaborations with other artists, and in particular her thoughts on Ronan Keating, from eager approval of his derrière... Read more →