Cropredy: the winner's take
Houghton Weavers, Jenny Sings Lenny....what is folk?

Kate Rusby and a Cropredy postcript

During exchanges with Kate Rusby about an article I was writing for her website, I mentioned that I was heading for Cropredy and the annual Fairport Convention reunion. "Have a ball," was Kate's advice.

But I loved her reaction when I reported my feelings of utter joy at the reproduction of the amazing album Liege and Lief.

"ps....," I wrote, "absolutely adored Liege and Lief concert. Chris While was magnificent."

Kate's response: "AW that’s brilliant, she was so nervous. I knew she’d do good tho cos she’s just fab."

No need to tidy up the e-mailSpeak. The message was clear and understood.


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