Vin Garbutt & Cambridge: what's the real story?
Robb Johnson: Johnny Hallyday, mon héros (3)

Vin Garbutt & Cambridge: what's the real story? (2)

Salut! Live's story of Vin Garbutt and the Cambridge Folk Festival has certainly captured attention.

If you add the replies posted to this site, and the comments appearing elsewhere as a direct or indirect result of my efforts, the total comes to 100 or so as I write.

Inconveniently for Salut! Live, all but two of those have been posted not here but elsewhere, the well-established and very interesting Mudcat site.

Any readers who were unaware of Mudcat should take a look at the exchanges appearing on that site. This fascinating topic has produced a great assortment of views, for and against Vin.

I've had my say, but may well return to the subject or write more generally about Vin, whose contributions to folk music deserve to be judged far beyond the debate on one relatively small feature of his work.


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