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Perhaps you scroll down the column on the right hand side of Salut! Live, perhaps you don't.

If you do, then maybe you have started to look at the number of visitors from, well, wherever in the world, and wonder how that figure can possibly be about to exceed the running total shown immediately below for people who have popped in since word go.

And knowing, as you may know, that I installed the country-by-country table only a few days ago, you would be entitled to ask what on earth is going on.

No doubt I should have explained, as I did at Salut! Sunderland and didn't have to at Salut!'s parent site , which accounts for by far my biggest traffic.

It will not detain you long, but if you do want to know more, please read on.......

My grasp of new technologies comes on a strictly need-to-know basis.

When I installed the table with its intriguing little international breakdown, I vaguely expected it to record the number of visits to each of my three sites.

Instead, it tots them all up and offers the same aggregate figure to fellow folkies, fellow Sunderland fans and fellows - and whatever may be females for fellows - interested in France.

So please accept that there is no attempt here to deceive. I am quite proud of the total hit rate at present, running at 400 to 500 a day, sometimes more, but conscious of the fact that this is a figure spread over three sites, one of which always does quite well and two which rise only occasionally to the occasion.

As for Salut! Live, I could certainly do with some help in spreading the word. If anyone out there has some way of answering that plea, and thinks the site worth plugging, please do so. Give the link to anyone you know who just might find something here of interest. Or tell me what I am doing wrong, or should be doing to be right.

Happily, my Martin Simpson interview appeared at just the time when Ian Anderson, bless his soul, was directing a little traffic my way from the Froots online forum .

So I will end on an upbeat note: there is more of Martin to come. My review of his new album appears in today's Daily Telegraph. I will write a little more about it, and about my talk with Martin, very soon. So do come back.

And if you want to trust my judgment - Prodigal Son is an early contender for my choice as folk album of the year - buy it for £11.99 using the links that you find in the same right hand column as the dodgy display of worldwide attraction to Salut! Live.

And there'll also be more of Robb Johnson's resolve to get us all learning to share his admiration for Johnny Hallyday.


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