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June 2007

Win tickets for Fairport at Cropredy

The Guinness was flowing in a Belfast bar, and the arts editor of a British national broadsheet - we had broadsheets then, though an Ulster pal of mine had already begun to call them broadloids - demanded to know who... Read more →

The year so far (2)

Looking back over the past few months, I can say that 2007 has already produced some cracking albums, as I am sure Julie Fowlis (pictured) would agree. Here is the second part of my compilation of the reviews, written by... Read more →

The year so far (1)

As well as being likely - as things stand - to win three CDs*, Smiley raises the question of what I should be recommending to people who stray into this site more out of curiosity than because they already enjoy... Read more →

Soirée celtique

Whoever said Riverdance was a perfectly good novelty act, ideal for the judging interlude in the Eurovision Song Contest but no more, clearly had no head for marketing. Salut! Live has mixed feelings about the phenomenon inspired by that short... Read more →