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Roaring 90s: best of the decade


* Kate Rusby and Kathryn Roberts (Pure), album of the 1990s (1995)
* How Are You Off For Coals? (Fellside) Bob Fox and Benny Graham (1997); Banners: Music For East Durham (EDC) Jez Lowe (1997)
* Wo Sind Die Elefanten? (Fuse) Leon Rosselson (1991)
* Gentle Men (Irregular Records) Robb Johnson (1988)
* By Land and Sea and The Surprise (Tomcat) Pauline Cato and Tom McConville (1996, 1999)
* Voice of the People (Topic) Various artists (1998)
* Blackwater (Virgin) Altan (1996)
* Midsummer's Night (Whirling Discs) Dervish (1999)
* The Attic Tracks 1972-1984 (Special Delivery) Sandy Denny (1995)

* NB I have tried to dig out each of the above albums to list on the Amazon record shelf to your right, but had to resort to the substitutes' bench for Robb Johnson and Dervish



Am afraid the nearest I have come to buying folk music is Bruce Springsteen's 'We Shall Overcome - The Seeger Sessions'. However, I am always keen to expand my musical horizons so I look forward to your lists and recommendations!

I suspect I am not the first visitor, but at least I am the first to leave a comment!

Good luck with the new blog.



Welcome to another blog from the brand Salut!

Soon Salut! will be a global conglomerate.

What am I doing here - I'm a heavy rock fan?

Although I like Dylan, Donovan, Nick Drake - do they count as folk?

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