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Not gone away...and how we're all meant to be racists

Picture* No, not even away fishing. I did worry that Salut! Live would get off to a slow start and so it has proved. Apologies for that. The other two blogs, and the inconvenient need to earn a living, have... Read more →

Roaring 90s: best of the decade

Roberts and Rusby: Barnsley's finest Picture: Bryan Ledgard MY FOLK ALBUMS OF THE 1990s * Kate Rusby and Kathryn Roberts (Pure), album of the 1990s (1995) * How Are You Off For Coals? (Fellside) Bob Fox and Benny Graham (1997);... Read more →

Presenting Salut! Live, the home of cool folk

Since Salut! Live has been a lot livelier of late, and even attracting a few readers, I thought it might be a good idea to share with newcomers the way I introduced the site at its launch 10 years ago.... Read more →