Who Knows Where the Time Goes - or where it went? Sandy Denny's song and its covers

March 2021 update: My tribute to Who Knows Where the Time Goes?, a great song by an even greater departed heroine of folk and folk-rock, Sandy Denny, first appeared when I was living in Abu Dhabi in 2008. It was... Read more →

The Byrds: when folk-rock got higher and higher

"John and Michi were getting kind of itchy, just to leave the folk music behind." As every 1960s schoolboy probably knew, the line opened Creeque Alley, a quirkily pleasing Mamas and Papas song which, when not bidding farewell to folk,... Read more →

A Song That Changed My Life: (1) Buffy Sainte-Marie revisited on her 80th birthday

Feb 20 2021 update: the great Buffy Sainte-Marie is 80 today. Hard to believe (until you remember your own advancing age) but today's the day. I hope she is in robust health and realises how revered she continues to be... Read more →

Hands across the water: Valentine brings Salut! Live's new Illinois ally, WEFT-FM

Feb 15 2021 update: WEFT-FM's Valentine playlist can be found here https://spinitron.com/WEFT/show/116412/Celtic-Music-Go-Bragh-Go-Bragh. It's a two-hour programme so the list is long but expect to run, for example, into Siucra (as described below), Altan, Karen Matheson, the Tannahill Weavers and, um,... Read more →

Photography and folk music: Roger Liptrot's life in focus

The power of photography is well known. From the Northern Echo's curmudgeonly old Bill Oliver, with his huge box camera, to the brilliant men and women who capture war, humanity and style on film, probably every photographer I have worked... Read more →