The trad band Ímar: “high energy music that you listen to with your whole body”

Andrew Curry writes: The Glasgow-based trad band Ímar were at King’s Place in London as part of the venue’s successful Scotland Unwrapped season. The audience loved them. Ímar started their first set at high speed, and didn’t let up for... Read more →

Magic by proxy: Linda Thompson finds her voices

Colin Randall welcomes long-awaited news of an exciting project in which Linda Thompson assembles musically gifted family and friends for an album of the songs she wrote but cannot perform herself …. Linda Thompson has one of the best-loved voices... Read more →

Piper's purism, pricked pride and pointed questions about the value of reviewers

Two years ago, a bagpipe-playing reviewer caused offence with his mixed appraisal of a Peter Knight/John Spiers album. Decades before that, purists were snooty about folk clubs with more open-minded outlooks. After all the developments folk music has seen, Colin... Read more →

Cover Story: (64) Here's the Tender Coming. Mighty Doonans, Unthanks, Dave Burland or Frankie Armstrong

Reposted: April 2024. On a whim I have said often enough that the Cover Story series is not intended primarily as a competition but aims to alert readers to different treatments of the same songs and instrumentals. Inevitably, however, whether... Read more →

From Fotheringay to Fairport: remembering drummer Gerry Conway

We mentioned on our Facebook group the death of Gerry Conway, best remembered as the drummer of the later-period Fairport Convention, and of course we should pay our respects here as well. Andrew Curry remembers a fine musician …. (Source:... Read more →

Heroic adventures in English music. Banter's new album reviewed

Colin Randall delights in a new album from Simon Care’s band, Banter. The 2021 Sidmouth festival. Photo: Kyle Baker Along with all the admiration and affection expressed here for Irish music, amply merited, Salut! Live tries not to lose sight... Read more →

Cara Dillon’s ‘Coming Home’ — songs about her family and her Irish roots

Andrew Curry writes: continuing with the Irish theme, Cara Dillion was playing in London recent to showcase her current record Coming Home. The songs on it are a celebration of her Irish family and the culture that she grew up... Read more →