Loft vinyl: (3) Francoise Hardy and the song she hated but her fans loved

RIP Françoise Hardy. On June 12 we awoke to news that she had died the previous day, following many years of illness, at 80. "Maman est partie," Thomas Dutronc, her son, posted on social media … This has had earlier... Read more →

Pitmen Poets: from the Land of Three Rivers to the Strawbs

Colin Randall writes: On first hearing of the Pitmen Poets' new album Re-union, experience told me to stand by for a rebuke from Bob Fox. Twenty-four years ago, when I made Fox's Dreams Never Leave You my Daily Telegraph folk... Read more →

Pitmen Poets: sold out in person, but live online

... there’s something appropriate about seeing Pitmen Poets this year, the 40th anniversary of the British miners’ strike, since they are all steeped in the songs and culture of Britain’s coalfields. Read more →

Song of the Day: Richard Thompson’s Singapore Sadie

Andrew Curry writes: We think that Richard Thompson’s new record, Ship to Shore, out today, is his 27th studio album since he left Fairport Convention, including the six he made with his first wife Linda and the record he made... Read more →