Bert Jansch remembered: the interview (2) honouring 'five decades of music'

This is the second and final part of an interview with Bert Jansch’s sister-in-law, Karen Kidson, who also manages the Bert Jansch Foundation, ahead of the Bert Jansch 80th birthday concert at London’s Royal Festival Hall in November. The interviewer... Read more →

Bert Jansch remembered: the interview (1) 'Pentangle could have been as big as Fleetwood Mac'

For a time, Bert Jansch made it OK to like folk. Unless memory is fooling me, here was a lugubrious, brooding, occasionally difficult figure as cool as anyone in rock. He wrote songs that suited the age and played guitar... Read more →

From Silver Spring to Shrewsbury and a belated introduction to Gigspanner

Shrewsbury sends a headbanging Tory MP to Westminster, fell headlong for the prejudice and lies of Brexit and has a susceptibility to flooding. But it's also a pleasant, attractive Shropshire market town and, for the past 17 years (26 if... Read more →

Class acts and (rather more than) schoolgirl French

August 2023: on a whim, I felt impelled to repost this item from 2009. Scroll down for two great listens. A friendly subsequent exchange on what we used to call Twitter enables me to right a 14-year-old wrong concerning Ruth... Read more →

The inner beauty of Sinead O'Connor (and three glorious reminders of her music)

I originally posted this modest tribute to Sinead O'Connor at the main Salut website after learning with great sadness of her death. Its proper home was probably Salut! Live. My pal and former colleague Mike Bealing has now given me... Read more →

Desert Island Discs: Shirley Collins mesmerises

There can be few examples of the rottenness of Britain's honours system more glaring than prime ministers, departing in disgrace or otherwise, sending posh kiddies to the House of Lords for having sucked up to them, whereas someone as thoroughly... Read more →

Sandy Denny by Carla Fuchs and Sandy's daughter. (2) creating a remarkable project

We first met Carla Fuchs on the pages of Salut! Live when she described the discovery and enjoyment of the music of the late Sandy Denny, arguably the most inspired female singer-songwriter Britain has produced. That article can be found... Read more →