Song of the Day Revisited: Sharon Shannon/ Dessie O'Halloran ... Say You Love Me

Jan 2021 update I did not know until I checked online while looking at this post and thinking it might fit into my current project (drawing attention to timeless items from Salut Live's extensive archives) that its central character, Dessie... Read more →

Cover Story: (57) Hit the Road Jack. Ray Charles, yes. Richard Anthony's French version, Fiche le Camp? Presque jamais!

More than 16 years after his death, Ray Charles, another of those artists Rolling Stone magazine excluded from its list of the 100 greatest songwriters of all time, is still adored by many across the world. The French in particular,... Read more →

Cover Story: (56) Dimming of the Day. Richard & Linda Thompson, Alison Krauss, Mary Black, Bonnie Raitt ...

Richard Thompson virtually has a season ticket for Salut! Live's Cover Story series comparing different versions of songs. This features one of his finest compositions .... If Rolling Stone magazine's omission of the Pitman Poet Tommy Armstrong from its list... Read more →

Cover Story: (55) The Parting Glass by Wisconsin women, Voice Squad, Glen Hansard - plus Dylan and Bill Jones approximately

Stuck inside the disc drive of an old Macbook, and probably destined to remain there until the laptop dies, is Bill (aka Belinda) Jones’s highly enjoyable 2019 album Wonderful Fairytale. The closing track - where else would it be? -... Read more →

Music from North Eastern England: (7) The Pitman's Poet, Alan Price, Unthanks, Whisky Priests and High Level Ranters

Salut! Live wishes readers as happy a new year as Covid and Brexit permit and thanks you heartily for taking the trouble to visit the site in such large numbers ... Six seemed a perfectly good number on which to... Read more →

Music from North Eastern England: (6) Christmas edition with the Doonans, Fettlers, Kathryn Tickell ... and Coldplay?

Boris Johnson told us all to enjoy a merry little Christmas before doing away with the "merry" bit. But Salut! Live is pleased to wish all its readers, even those who voted for Boris and/or Brexit, the happiest festive season... Read more →

Music of North Eastern England: (5) Johnny Handle, Bob Fox and the Durham Big Meeting

Coalmining features prominently in this series on music from my regional's, the North East of England. Mining produces work and great camaraderie as well as tragedy, exploitation and ill-health. It also yields wonderful music and art, and the North East... Read more →

Cover Story: (53) Arthur McBride is back courtesy of Sir Mark Rylance (and Christmas)

Again, I hear regular readers groaning. Not that Arthur McBride once more. Hasn't Salut! Live finally exhausted its interest in the song? I suppose the answer to those three actual or implied questions are, in order: yes, yes and no.... Read more →