Francoise Hardy: Loft Vinyl (3) the song she hated and her fans loved

This has had earlier airings but fits the new Loft Vinyl series as snugly as the perfect glove. I am featuring tracks from old LPs released from lengthy exile in the loft, my elder daughter having bought me a turntable... Read more →

Christmas Cover Story: (50) Arthur McBride. Paul Brady, Planxty or Thile and Jarosz - but where's Dylan?

Christmas 2021 update: looking for something with a Christmas feel, and intending to contribute to a seasonally themed series at the 60s 70s Folk Music Facebook group, I finally plumped for this. Paul Brady's unbeatable song of press gang thuggery... Read more →

I Dreamed a Stream/I Streamed a Dream. Kate Rusby's new lockdown antidote

Christmas 2021: out of the blue, a lot of visitors started to appear here from the Kate Rusby fans’ group at Facebook. It turned out that my mention of this piece had finally been published many months after being submitted.... Read more →