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Song of the Day: Christy Moore ... Smoke and Strong Whiskey

NB Updated November 7 2016 because the YouTube clip had lapsed and there's a new link from Salut! Sunderland

It was only a matter of time before Salut! Live's Song of the Day series reached Christy Moore. Today's the day ...

Salut! Live readers with long memories, and readers of The Daily Telegraph with even longer ones, will know of my "sleeping with Christy Moore" confessions.

My story was topped the other day when the American harper Bonnie Shaljean, who lives in Ireland, added this comment to a threat at Mudcat after talking to the Irish singer Packie Byrne about the rotten news that Mike Waterson had died:

Packie ... reminisced about some of his early memories of the Watersons, whom he first met in the mid or late 60s. During one festival they were all being put up in the same house. Not only the same house, but the same BED, as it turned out. For years afterwards Packie boasted about how he had "slept with the Watersons" and there were those who added up two and two and got five.

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Song of the Day Revisited: Tom Paxton ... Leaving London

UPDATED: well not really, just reposted on a day - a variation of 9/11 as someone else put it - when I'd rather put negative thoughts on the USA to one side and dwell on how much good comes from that country, too. While trying to give this post a little boost on Twitter, I came across this (from another Tom Paxton, I'm relieved to say, though fair play to him for 'liking' my tweet saying as much) ...

Happy New Year to all readers. You are part of a small but select band. I recently befriended Tom Paxton at Facebook when I came across him by chance and he quickly added me as a "friend", too, after we'd exchanged brief messages. I love this man's work - read on and you'll learn of someone else's failure to find a solitary bad song he's written - and his heart has always seemed in the right place. So the Song of the Day Revisited series makes its 2015 debut with Tom singing one of the songs that I especially liked. Here is how I introduced it for the original 2011 series ...

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Song of the Day Revisited: Oysterband ... Put Out The Lights

The series stumbles back into life, maybe for the only time before next week. But oysters are such a vital part of the festivities in France, where I am spending Christmas, that this was irresistible, though it has to be said that I much prefer Oysterband to les huitres. Here is how I introduced the entry in the summer of 2011 ...

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Happy Christmas to all Salut Live readers

As it turns out,
there is no time for another Song of the Day Revisited entry this side of Christmas.

So please accept my apologies and also my sincere best wishes to one and all for the festive season.

Check out the series at

There's bound to be something in there that you like.

A bientot.

Song of the Day Revisited: Flossie Malavialle ... Dans Le Port d'Amsterdam

As the series, even the revamped version, shows signs that it may soon draw towards a conclusion - it could go on for ever, I can't - it is time to start guarding against unwarranted omissions syndrome. In truth, Song of the Day Revisited has legs in it yet, but this weekend sees Sunderland playing at the enemy camp, a big event for Salut!, so it would be unwise to expect any further additions before Monday.

This is how I introduced Flossie Malavialle back in 2011 ...

Meet Flossie, a French singer and teacher who has chosen to make her life in the North East of England. Like my own wife, also arriving in England from France, she chose to settle in Darlington. If that sounds an odd decision, think how Darling-to(w)n might translate into the language of Moliere.

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