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Song of the Day (Revisited): The Unthanks ... The Testament of Patience Kershaw

This, as far as I can tell
by looking into the archive, is how Salut! Live began its Song of the Day series back in June 2011. There was no fanfare, just a generic title - a bit of a hostage to fortune since I strongly doubted my ability to post a new song daily - and what follows.

It ran longer than I'd expected until I closed the series in the late August of that year with this item explaining its origins and listing all the artists I had chosen: There was a quick resumption to include something I remembered immediately after announcing the series was over, but that was it.

The present Treasures Rediscovered series is something of the same and may well involve overlap but I have decided to run and promote Song of the Day one more time. Sometimes there will be updates, sometimes not. The invitation to buy relevant albums via the Salut! Live Amazon link remains open ...

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Only in a Cape Breton hospital ...

Not Song of the Day, since most of what you'll find here is instrumental as Salut! Live spreads wings and look west across the Atlantic. You will have to be patient - or cheat and scroll down - for the hospital reference

This started life as an attempt to devote an edition of the Song of the Day series to the music of one corner of Canada.

After I posted a video of Eric Clapton playing Rambling on My Mind, a brief discussion took place at Facebook. My colleague Brian Kerrigan - declaring himself more a Jeff Beck man - welcomed the clip but expressed surprise that Clapton was paying a Gibson Explorer and not the familiar Stratocaster.

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Song of the Day: Steeleye Span ... Bonnie Prince Charlie

The road between Le Lavandou and La Seyne-sur-Mer is straightforward. Finding the campsite where inlaws were staying in La Forêt de Janas was a little more complicated, enough to confuse my out-of-date SatNav on more than one occasion.

But the twists and turns, and even the traffic jam coming back through Toulon (west-east, so no tunnel), were made all the more bearable by reacquaintance with a few pearls from my vast garage collection of old CDs.

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The Isle of Avalon: when Irish dance is not quite what it seems

When I looked before starting to write, this clip of the Isle of Avalon Irish dance ensemble had attracted 2,969,130 views, which had risen to 2,969,283 by the time I finished a moment ago. It seemed fair to assume they would not be relying on Salut! Live to find 30,717 more clicks needed to pass three million.

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