Dipping into the past

When Mike Elliott, Vin Garbutt and Nigel Denver graced the Liffey Club

Golden cockPhoto: Ian S

Trish O’Brien is a member of the Cork-Kerry-Darlington Sheehan family, close friends for an unmentionably long period of my life. After a globetrotting existence following her husband John, a ship's master who has performed a variety of seagoing functions, she settled in Scotland.

The Sheehans ran one of the three folk clubs that made the Golden Cock pub in Darlington their home. One of the others, the Darlington Folk Workshop, was exactly what she describes the Liffey as not having been, though it also gave me many Tuesday evenings of great music and craic. Later, I opened the Spinning Wheel folk club in the same room.

And here, after an unpardonable delay since she wrote it for me - or was it for the writing circle she belonged to? - is Trish's charming reminiscence of wonderful days past ...

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Dipping into the past: (1) Jez Lowe


Right, it's time to start filling the pages of Salut! Live and I can think of no better way, other than persuading Pete Sixsmith to submit some more live reviews, than to look into the archives.

Any visitor to this site can explore what has appeared here by navigating the sidebars, but I have also written on folk and related topics for various publications.

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