Dipping into the past

Dipping into the Past: John Mayall, Eric Clapton and Rambling on My Mind

Aug 2017 update: the reason I am promoting archived material is that when it first appeared, Salut! Live had a pitifully small readership. It's not huge now but is a good deal larger and I believe there is content that is worth another airing. When I used an office gym, I noticed that music was not a great way to get me through the monotony of exercise. Listening at the same time could even put me off a much-loved album. One exception was my CD of the old John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers LP. There are one or two tracks that leave me cold but it is generally an album of the highest quality and holds enduring appeal. Here is how I described it for my original Song of the Day series back in 2011 ...

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Dipping into the past: Cara Dillon, Spencer the Rover and the Rotherham factor

In my quest to bring past delights to the attention of Salut! Live's expanding audience, I invite you to listen to Cara Dillon's version of a song I have known from my earliest days of attending folk clubs. It last appeared here in 2014 as an entry in a Song of the Day Revisited series. That was three years after I first highlighted the song and what follows is the unaltered text of the 2011 posting. What, you may wonder, has this to do with Rotherham? Read on ...

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Folk meets academia

Tom Walton and friends performing at the Florida Folk Festival: White Springs, Florida

Way, way back - well, all the way to 2000 - I was able to visit Newcastle University to write about its folk music course. The key contact was Richard Middleton, listed to this day as emeritus professor of music. Work and family obligations make this a difficult time to update the site but, in recognition of the hugely appreciated upsurge of interest in its output, I offer this further blast from the past ...

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Dipping into the past: (1) Jez Lowe and Orwell's friend Jack Common

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June 2017 Update: this item on Jez Lowe appeared six years ago, and referred to a review from four years before that, but my admiration for the singer and his wonderful observations on life and events remains undiminished. Check out his own site for more information. Otherwise, what you see below is essentially what was published in 2011 ...

Right, it's time to start filling the pages of Salut! Live and I can think of no better way, other than persuading Pete Sixsmith to submit some more live reviews, than to look into the archives.

Any visitor to this site can explore what has appeared here by navigating the sidebars, but I have also written on folk and related topics for various publications.

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Dipping into the Past: Christy Moore ... Smoke and Strong Whiskey


August 2017 update:   no apologies for reposting this. Good banter, great singer and song ......


Updated November 7 2016 because the YouTube clip had lapsed and there's a new link from Salut! Sunderland

It was only a matter of time before Salut! Live's Song of the Day series reached Christy Moore. Today's the day ...

Salut! Live readers with long memories, and readers of The Daily Telegraph with even longer ones, will know of my "sleeping with Christy Moore" confessions. My story was topped the other day when the American harper Bonnie Shaljean, who lives in Ireland, added this comment to a threat at Mudcat after talking to the Irish singer Packie Byrne about the rotten news that Mike Waterson had died:

Packie ... reminisced about some of his early memories of the Watersons, whom he first met in the mid or late 60s. During one festival they were all being put up in the same house. Not only the same house, but the same BED, as it turned out. For years afterwards Packie boasted about how he had "slept with the Watersons" and there were those who added up two and two and got five.

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When Mike Elliott, Vin Garbutt and Nigel Denver graced the Liffey Club

Golden cockPhoto: Ian S

Trish O’Brien is a member of the Cork-Kerry-Darlington Sheehan family, close friends for an unmentionably long period of my life. After a globetrotting existence following her husband John, a ship's master who has performed a variety of seagoing functions, she settled in Scotland.

The Sheehans ran one of the three folk clubs that made the Golden Cock pub in Darlington their home. One of the others, the Darlington Folk Workshop, was exactly what she describes the Liffey as not having been, though it also gave me many Tuesday evenings of great music and craic. Later, I opened the Spinning Wheel folk club in the same room.

And here, after an unpardonable delay since she wrote it for me - or was it for the writing circle she belonged to? - is Trish's charming reminiscence of wonderful days past ...

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