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July 10, 2014


Philip Ward

You overestimate me, Colin! I have a short chapter about this album in my Sandy book but never got to the bottom of the confused chronology. Help may come from Dave Cousins’s autobiography due out in September or – more likely – Mick Houghton’s Sandy biography to be published next year. I’m not sure if she was ever a fully paid-up member of the group. If so, it must have been a short stint. They were usually billed as ‘Sandy Denny and The Strawbs’. The association began in 1966 and must have ended soon after the Copenhagen residency, because Sandy talked in a later interview about a gap of ‘nine months or a year’ between her leaving the Strawbs and joining ‘the Fairport’ (which we know was May ’68). Anyway, it’s a charming little record, more time-bound than most of her work. I always enjoy ‘On My Way’ and ‘Sail Away To The Sea’.

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