Song of the Day: the end of a series
Ray Fisher RIP: 'a joy to know'

Nolwenn Leroy, Alan Stivell and not letting go ...

No, this is not a sneaky way of reopening the Song of the Day series, though it may, as I have said elsewhere, become Song of the Week/Month/Millennium as the mood takes.

But the message from Janet, published here as a comment yesterday, and another from my old electronic acquaintance "Sir Robert Peel", at Talkawhile, made it clear that the hit rate for the series, and indeed this site generally, is a little higher than I feared.

An unknown (to me) number of neople have signed up to receive e-mail updates each time a new posting appears. There is no need for them to come here at all but they do see what I am writing about. OK, not really hits to the site but at least the content is being read.

I have placed another clip of Nolwenn Leroy singing Tri Martolod (Three Matelots) at my main Salut! site, which deals mostly with matters concerning France. But what you see above is the performance to which I refer there, in diet with Alan Stivell and taken from a St Patrick's concert in Brest this year.

And here, as a special treat, is Stivell singing Bro Goz ma Zadoù (Land Of My Fathers, used by the Bretons and Cornish, too, as their anthem). The snippet of Welsh rugby supporters belting it out at Cardiff Arms Park sends a shiver down the spine, and I am not Welsh.


Ian Evans


I have recently returned from 3 weeks in the Pyrenees to learn the sad news of the demise of Song of the Day.

I have just indulged myself by listening to all the selections I missed while I was away.

What an unexpected and unbelievable final choice you made in Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau; a fantastic note on which to end the series.

Needless to say, like you I found it spine tingling.

It brought back memories of the first time you visited us in Ipswich and introduced me to Alain Stivell by playing a version of him singing Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau.

It was so long ago that Ipswich were still in the Premiership and Titus Bramble scored his first goal; for once it was not in his own net but against the opposition!

Thanks for some great musical memories and some new discoveries.

Please sign me up for your e e-mail alerts.


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