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February 25, 2008



Thanks for the info on Marie Little - brings back great memories of seeing her in Liverpool in the 70's and later inviting her to Whitchurch Festival in Hampshire where she really wowed everybody. If you have contact with her please give her my best wishes

Kevan Latham

We saw and listened (and joined in with the choruses) to Marie at Leigh Folk Club in 2010.
We loved everything and play her cd's regularly.
I think we will be travelling up to Redcar in July to hear her again because its been too long a wait since she has been around our way .

Keith Greenfield

I remember Marie from THE Glebe Folk Club in Sunderland mid to late 70s. I have landed here having seen her name on a gig list and wondered what had become of her and Pete smith, who I fondly remember singing a very short song about "ale" although I have not heard this for 35 years I remember it as if yesterday. I also remember that Marie was the most popular folk singer around and her singing could temporarily make one forget the hard times we lived in.

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Pete Ryder

Marie - it's Pete Ryder, and I'm still running a monthly gig at the White Lion in Swinton on a Friday. HOWEVER, we running a small festival in September 2015 and we would be honoured and delighted if you could headline on the evening session on Saturday 26th September - fee, accommodation and food provided. I am back living in Salford - 0161 794 9721 (landline) and 07508454089 (mob) since 2011! Hope to hear from you soon

Mike Green

You won't remember me, but I lived in Clifton (on Manchester Road) in the 60's when you and Pete were in the "new houses" on Lawefield Crescent. I also ran two folk clubs in Eccles (The Cross Keys, and The Duke of York) and of course spent many happy hours at the MSG. I moved to the North East (Durham) in 1973 after getting married to a Ryhope lass, but like you I have never forgotten the times in Salford. I can't believe I have never seen you since Manchester, but I will certainly now look out for one of your gigs. Great to see a comment from Pete Ryder as well, its getting me all nostalgic......


I bet Marie remembers you both. Thanks for the comments


Marie has a new website with all her new Gigs


christine allen

Marie i hsve always loved you as backdrop to my life and good friend to my lovely mumx


What a lovely comment. I will try to make sure Marie sees it

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